Recently I’ve ventured into the world of film photography, which I’ve not visited since high school. I’ve been using the Nikon FE2 camera that I inherited from my Grandpa. He absolutely loved photography (especially photographing hummingbirds), and using his camera has not just been educational and inspiring for my digital photo work, it’s also made me feel more connected to him, through this mutual passion of ours.

There’s something undeniably magical about the rich colors and romantic vibes that film offers, and experimenting with it has definitely influenced my editing style for digital work. One of my favorite film exercises has been creating multiple exposures in camera. Combining images to create interesting, layered visuals forces me to think outside the box and more carefully consider the contrast of textures, colours and tones. It’s definitely been a learning curve (and still is!) but I’d recommend trying it to anyone interested in photography.

Every click of the shutter is so precious and the time between starting a new roll of film and getting the developed results back is simultaneously maddening and SO exciting. There’s really nothing quite like it. As I continue to experiment and learn, I’m excited to see where this new adventure takes me.

Here are some of my favourite film photos so far (don’t judge me, we’re learning here!):

Exploring the Art of Film Photography

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